Work & Residency Permits

There are five different forms of residency in the Turks & Caicos Islands…

Temporary Residence Permits - 30 day permits given to tourists when they enter the country (can be extended on application for a further 30 days).

Residence Permits - which give individuals the right to live in the TCI for one year from the date the permit was issued at a cost to Government of US$1000.00 per year.

Permanent Residence Permits - (PRC's) - A PRC is granted for a lifetime to a person. The permit includes the holder's spouse, as well as dependents until the dependents reach the age of maturity. PRC's are given to applicants who have made an extensive investment in the TCI. Work Permits- Non- native Turks & Caicos Islanders must acquire a work permit to work in the TCI. Most work permits are given on a year-to-year basis though there is also a three-year option for those who qualify. Employee's work permits are usually dealt with through the hands of the employer. The employer may not acquire a work permit for a non-Belonger if there is a Belonger qualified for the position. Work permit fees range from US$100.00 – US$7,000.00

Citizenship/Belongership – Belongership status gives an individual a right to vote in general elections, and to run for government positions. In order to obtain this level of citizenship as a person without heritage from the Turks & Caicos, there is a restriction, and there must be a highly significant contribution made to the country.

The Immigration Board holds regular meetings throughout the year to review applications for Work Permits and Residency Permits. Typically, applications will be heard within 60 days of submission. Applicants should submit completed applications to the Immigration Department in their respective islands. Only complete and fully paid applications will be heard at Board Meetings.

Application for Work Permit
Residency Permit Application