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The Veranda Project Lower Bight Rd, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands
Telephone: (649) 941-4602
Fax: (649) 941-3985

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** The road network on this "map" is generally accurate, but you will occasionally see the odd road running through the ocean if you are viewing the map without the Satellite image overlay. Don't be alarmed (eg the North Eastern section of Providenciales) as the outline of the Island on this map does not accurately follow the coastline. That is an error on the map and it should hopefully be corrected soon. You can appreciate the inaccuracies by viewing the "Satellite" image on top of the map, which is our suggestion if the placement of a business appears to be in the ocean, and it is the default view on this site. Finally, note that the Island has developed rapidly over the last ten years and that the Satellite image used in the mapping module does not show a large number businesses, so you will frequently see the location of a business being a cleared site. Don't be disturbed by that. All it means is that the satellite image predates the building that the business is located in. Save for those caveats the map is otherwise an impressive tool.

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