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Ten reasons why a 28 story development makes no sense

1. Branding: Tourists that come here do so predominantly because these Islands are perceived to have beautiful beaches and a pristine marine en
"Points well taken. Merely holding an informational public hearing
on a proposal so incongruous with the character of the islands is
shocking. Have w..."

Dogs kill lady on Whitby Beach, North Caicos

A tragic incident took place on Tuesday evening, 24 July 2012, in North Caicos, as a woman was found dead on Whitby beach.  According to the Poli

Please contact me, I need your help to make this never happen again, to anyone. But I need help from other individuals who would be willing ..."

The sham November elections

We were surprised when it was announced that elections would be held on 9 November 2012. We had of course anticipated that Henry Bellingham's return
"That is the same question I have. I mean everyone is in such a hurry to vote for their party...but at this point, what difference is it going to make..."
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Commented in post Opinion: When do the absurdities of the AG’s decisions end? on Thursday, 10 March 2016
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Commented in post Integrity Commission Issues Guidance Note on Loans on Saturday, 03 October 2015
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Commented in post Protecting your electrical equipment and appliances on Monday, 18 May 2015
William Black said,
The message from the TCI governors office is crime pays..... in 2014 Sandals/Beaches paid 12 million US$ to avoid money laundering and bribery investigation...Never had to even admit guilt... Before
Commented in post Acting Governor's Comments at the Opening of Beaches Kew Wes... on Saturday, 29 November 2014
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