TCI Planning Department

The role of the Turks and Caicos Islands Planning Department is To facilitate sustainable development of TCI through effective land use planning and regulation to ensure optimizing utilization of the countries limited land resources. It is also the Planning Departments roll to collaborate with other government agencies, private sector agencies and residents in respect of environmental stewardship, economic development and social progress.

The Planning Department is responsible for overseeing and controlling building and signage in the TCI. One must have permission from the Planning Department before attempting any of the following…

  • Building any sort of significant structure (including homes, storage, shops, businesses, offices…etc..)
  • Physically extending a building (house extension, business extension, etc…)
  • Building any sort of significant signage to advertise, (advertising signs for businesses)


Building Code
Land Acquisition Ordiance
Land Survey Ordinance
Physical Planning Ordinance
Registered Land Ordinance (Strata Titles)
Fee Form
Application for Development Permission
Application for Advertisement
Map Request Form