The Immigration Department

The Immigration Board consists of two groups working together to ensure a streamlined adherence to the policies and regulations of the Turks and Caicos Government and to provide efficient service in processing work and residency permits.

The Immigration Board Office is responsible for all the data entry, administration and processing and includes three units:  application processing, data processing and information processing. 

In addition to the administration staff, an Immigration Board has been appointed that makes all decisions regarding work and residency permits.  This board is formed each year and includes five members, which are appointed by the Governor on the advice of the Minister of Immigration.  Working closely with the five appointed board members are four additional members including:  the Director of Immigration, a representative of the Labor Commission, a representative of the Finance Ministry and the Secretary of the Board.  These members act in an advisory role and provide technical assistance to the Immigration Board.

The Immigration Board holds regular meetings throughout the year to review applications for Work Permits and Residency Permits. Typically, applications will be heard within 60 days of submission. Applicants should submit completed applications to the Immigration Department in their respective islands. Only complete and fully paid applications will be heard at Board Meetings.



Resident permit application fee- $ 1,000 annually.

Work permit application- The basic annual fee specified for a Work Permit shall be payable for each permit valid for a year, but where the period of validity of a permit or its renewal is for a lesser or greater period than one year, then the fee shall be calculated with reference below.

Naturalization Application
Work Permit Application
Residents Permit Application
Permanent Residence Certificate (PRC) Application
Permanent Residence Certificate (PRC) Endorsement Application
Permanent Residence Certificate (PRC) Applications Criteria & Guide