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    View looking from terminal of Providenciales International Airport to Control Tower area.
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    One of the Many Taxi services available on Providenciales.
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    Inside view of the Providenciales International Airport.
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    Outside view of the Providenciales International Airport.

Getting Around the Turks and Caicos Islands

Getting around the Turks and Caicos Islands is easy. Car rentals are readily available on most of the islands, but note that we drive on the left side of the road, and our speed limits are much lower than in most countries. Motorcycles, scooters and bicycles are also available for hire on most islands and golf carts can be rented on Salt Cay. Taxis are also widely available throughout the islands, as well as guided tours. In Providenciales, in addition to car rentals and taxis, you can get around by hopping on a jitney (air-conditioned mini-vans that have standard routes), for a nominal fare. Local airlines and air charter services will also gladly fly you to the other islands or on a guided aerial tour of the islands.

Renting a car or a SUV (sports utility vehicle) in the Turks and Caicos Islands is a good way to see many of the natural sites that are truly “Beautiful by Nature”. Driving here is relatively easy; there are no traffic lights and few stop signs. There are a few round-abouts and, although many cars are North American in origin, driving is on the LEFT hand side of the road. This occasionally causes some confusion, especially when making right turns. If you choose to drive in the Turks and Caicos Islands, it is important to always remember to drive on the left. The maximum speed limit on highways is 40 M.P.H. (miles per hour). In residential and downtown areas, the maximum speed limit is 20 M.P.H. Be cautious of pedestrians, cyclists and stray animals walking on the roads. In the evening, many areas are minimally lit, and drivers often choose to use their high beams. Remember to dim your high beams when you approach oncoming traffic. During your visit to the Islands you may notice some drivers honking their car horns or flashing their headlights. Many do this as a kind of greeting to friends or a way to say “hello”.

One of the best ways of getting around the Islands is by leisurely driving through the settlements, meeting and greeting the friendly people, and seeing the sites. Anyone wishing to drive in the TCI can do so, providing they have a valid driver’s license from their country of residence. There are a number of auto, motorcycle, and scooter rental agencies on Providenciales, and a few on the other islands as well. Many of the roads remain unpaved and consequently, visitors wishing to thoroughly explore the Islands should consider hiring a sports utility vehicle in order to get to the various beaches, attractions and national parks that are challenging for a sedan.

Taxis and Jitney services are readily available for those who do not drive, who opt for convenience, or who are not ready to take up the challenge of driving on foreign roads. Jitneys are mini vans that follow standard routes along the major roads and stop for people standing on the side of the roads. Pick-ups can also be arranged by calling in advance. Taxis, on the other hand, will drive right to your door and cater to your every need. In fact, most taxi drivers will be pleased to provide you with a guided tour of the island. It is always best to discuss fares before riding in either a jitney or a taxi, to avoid any confusion.

Domestic air service is provided to all of the inhabited Islands on a daily basis by a number of airlines and local charter operators. You can enjoy the scenic views of all of the islands by air if you choose to charter an airplane, or if you have an aerial tour. The local airlines and air charter services also offer travel to other countries in the area such as Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Cuba.