TCI Driver's License

To apply for a driver's license in Turks & Caicos, one must be at least seventeen years old. If this is the first time acquiring a license, a person must first acquire a LEARNERS PERMIT at the Turks & Caicos Road Safety Department. (If you already have a driver's license from another country, a learner's permit is not required). This permit must be purchased for $25.00, and a photocopy of the person's passport must be given to the department along with the fee. In return, the department will grant a learners permit, along with a license study booklet. After this is done, for the following two weeks the applicant is expected to practice driving in a registered car, along with a licensed driver. The car must have the learners permit "L" on the back of the vehicle largely displayed so that other drivers may take caution. During this time the applicant must also study for their written and signs test, using their license study booklet as a guide. After the two weeks are completed, they are qualified to apply for a Turks & Caicos License. To apply for a Turks & Caicos Drivers license, one must already have a learner's permit, or a driver's license from another country; you must also have studied from the TCI drivers study booklet (obtained from the department). To get a TCI driver's license the applicant must pass three tests, a road sign test, a written road rules test, and an actual physical driving test. A driver must pass ALL tests to be given a TCI license. Tests may be retaken. Learners permits, and driver's license forms can be obtained at the TCI Road Safety Department, and must be filled out and completed at the department.

WED- Sign test- $20.00
THURS- Written test- $20.00
FRI- Driving test- $30.00

Renewal Application
Replacement of Lost / Stolen License